IMG_9402_SquareCarina Ockedahl is a writer with a focus on automotive content and technology. She is located in Montreal, Quebec, but that hasn’t stopped her from working with clients in both Canada and the United States. See her LinkedIn profile.

Carina didn’t start her career as an automotive writer: she started off as a multimedia artist, creating designs for Concordia University’s Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science. She eventually moved on to teaching After Effects, animation, and video editing before working as a content manager at The Autonet where she quickly realized that “cars are cool.” From that moment on, she couldn’t get enough of the industry, and started preparing news bits, creating photo galleries, and eventually attending events, test-driving new models, writing car reviews, and regularly conducting interviews.

Carina is now a full-time freelance automotive writer, and has been doing what she describes as “the best job” ever since. Her main goal is to provide readers with relevant and useful information about whatever the subject may be, whether it relates to the automotive world, technology, art, health, politics, and so on.

She has experience with writing; research & interviews; French to English translation; content, campaign and newsletter management; content analysis and reporting; SEO; software training; video and editing; photography & digital graphics; CMS; social media and more. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: just search for Ockis9.

When Carina is not busy writing articles or driving around town in her 2011 Subaru Forester, she enjoys reading, meditation, yoga, playing the flute and traveling.